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One Mission, Two Ministries 

It is our mission to serve women and families who are preparing to give birth - in any trimester and in whatever circumstances they find themselves. In order to serve these women and families and be good stewards of our resources, we have created two different organizations. 

FiLumena Birth, LLC is a for-profit limited liability corporation. Happy births, deliveries, well woman care, fertility charting and trainings are carried out under this entity. Filumena Birth is accepting Love Offerings. 

FiLumena Birth and Bereavement is incorporated as a nonstock (nonprofit) corporation in Virginia. We are in the process of becoming a federally recognized 501 (c)3 with retroactive recognition. (This means that if you donate to FiLumena Birth and Bereavement now, your donation will be considered tax deductible). FiLumena Birth and Bereavement's mission is to assist, educate and support mothers and families who experience perinatal loss, and to educate and inform health care professionals, pregnancy help providers, and clergy  so they may better serve families who experience the loss of preborn child. Any time a breavement doula is needed, it is FiLumena Birth and Bereavement that is at work. FiLumena Birth and Bereavement is accepting Donations. 

Needless to say, we can't do this without you! Please visit THIS PAGE and THIS PAGE to find out how you can help! 

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