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Distance Doula Services 

Some women don't want the prescence of a doula at their birth, yet, they DO want the access to information, current research, support, and encouragement of a doula leading up to their delivery. 

Distance Doula Services meet this need. 

As your "Distance Doula" I would not attend your birth but would be available to you to provide information, resources, current research, support and encouragement via the media of your choice (phone, text, facetime, google hang out, email etc).  This less expensive service can be especially helpful for families facing a high risk, or confusing medical situation during their pregnancy but who cannot have a doula present. It can bridge the gap for mothers who are comfortable delivering with the support they already have, but who want someone to validate and encourage them as they make decisions relating to their birth. 

If you are curious or want to know about this option please Contact Me! 

Distance Doula

Distance Doula Package:

Free Consultation

Phone and EMail/Texting Support 

NonBiased and Professional Information

24/7 On-Call Availablility beginning at 38 weeks 

Labor & Delivery Troubleshooting 

Community Referrals and Resources 

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