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Love Offerings 


A Love Offering is our version of a "Pay if Forward." In order for me to assist and support families who cannot afford to pay for a Doula, and in order for me to offer support free of charge for bereavement births, I rely partly upon the goodwill of those who wish to make an offering of love on behalf of someone who may request my services in the future. FiLumena Birth is in the process of applying for 501(c )3 status retroactively, so your donations will be tax deductible.


We can also accept a non-deductible Love Offering which is placed in a special fund where it acts like a sponsorship or scholarship for my services. It may be used to pay for gas, supplies, expenses and materials necessary to support a mother who otherwise would not receive the care and support of a Doula. 


If you have been especially pleased with my support, if you received services free of charge and are in a better position financially, if you want to give the gift of a Doula to someone else; I encourage you to make a Love Offering in the amount of your choice using the PayPal Link or via Check. 


On behalf of those whom your Offering of Love will assist, Thank you. 

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