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So I found this floating around Facebook today and I don't know who to give the original credit to (if anyone knows, please PM me and I'll gladly give credit where it is due!) but I thought it was so.......true. I talk about grief, sometimes a lot, and if there is ONE thing I hope people understand about it, it's that it isn't pretty. It isn't neat and tidy. It's not even predictable!

Are there stages? Yes. But when you're in the the thick of it, you can't see them. It's only once you've lived through that crazy drawing on the right that you can find yourself in the "hope" section of the drawing on the left. So if you are grieving, take heart and take comfort! It is a messy, confusing, raw, and unpredictable process. And that's OK!

If you find yourself grieving a pregnancy loss and need some support, please feel free to contact me or to peruse the Bereavement Resources listed here.


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